Dear Students,
My apologies that this comes without much notice. My heart is heavy with the news that Radiance has closed at the end of business Friday 11/13/15.

There have been some hopeful possibilities of transitioning the business to others but situations that seemed so perfect dissolved before my eyes and I could not continue to support the studio. I’m working with the local area yoga studios that they may honor any classes remaining. More information on this later by email. If you think we may not have your email please feel free to drop a note with your information in the mail slot to the right of the front door or email us. All Memberships have been cancelled so no worries about CC charges .

With your support, Radiance had become a special place, an Oasis where the heat, the challenge, the quiet time and the connection with your teacher, your Self, and your fellow travelers was a place to dig deep and find The Way to do things you never thought you could. Keep it up. There are wonderful studios in Jacksonville. Try them all and see what works for you. Yoga is a lifelong journey and practice.

THANK YOU to everyone for your curiosity and willingness to even try this practice. You are on an expedition!! Into Self.

I love you, I want the BEST for you, and would love to hear from you.
Big Huge Yoga Love,

The following Yoga Studios have graciously offered to honor unused classes from Radiance. They each have been provided with a list.

Bikram Yoga North St. Augustine – one month complimentary

Yoga Den – will honor unused classes

Bliss Yoga Shala – month of December complimentary

M Body Yoga – month of December complimentary

Hot Spot – one month complimentary

Bikram Yoga Jacksonville – 10% off a package