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Really enjoyed my first experience there (the Hot 26 class is great) and looking forward to many more! The facility is comfortable and the staff is knowledgeable and accommodating. ~ amandal, JACKSONVILLE

This place is fantastic, especially if you’re a first-timer! It was a good atmosphere, and Kris (the instructor) is very friendly, encouraging, and thorough. I’m definitely coming back. ~ erikw, JACKSONVILLE

Second yoga class I have ever done and I enjoyed it. The heat is the thing I had to get used to. I am looking forward to my next class!! ~ lisa anns, JACKSONVILLE

I had a nice time. Everyone was kind and supportive. They made me feel as if I could really do it, and they were not judgmental at all, which was nice. The instructor was very good. ~ annw, JACKSONVILLE

Bikram Yoga is the one indulgence I do enjoy just for me! The studio is state of the art and, more importantly, the teachers are so encouraging. ~ tonyaf, Orange Park


…..doing something that makes you feel more relaxed than ever, freeing you from pain, stress, and inspiring you to do something good for yourself every day. Get ready to sweat, purify your body, and gain more energy with this amazing healing practice! Yoga has a remarkable record for reducing symptoms of chronic illness, regulating the systems of the body to heal and function more effectively, and for generally enhancing wellbeing.
Radiance Hot Yoga is an oasis in the heart of Jacksonville. We offer both Bikram and Vinyasa style yoga asana to an ever growing community of radiant beings! Our beautiful, spacious studio is complete with showers and changing rooms, antibacterial flooring, and eco-friendly radiant heat. If you’ve taken Hot Yoga before and found it too rigid TRY US! This is Hot Yoga with a Heart. We never make you feel any less than welcome and wonderful.
Start today to look and feel better than ever!


Bikram style Hot Yoga in the Bishnu Ghosh tradition, is an invigorating series of postures done in the detoxifying calm of a heated (103-105 degrees) room. The sequence is designed to be tremendously therapeutic, bringing relief from stress, toning throughout your body, weight regulation, and a host of other benefits.

Vinyasa means “flow”, or “to move without resistance”. Vinyasa is an energetic form of yoga where students move fluidly from one pose to the next while connecting their breath to their movements. Vinyasa yoga incorporates regular sequences that will become familiar to you but offers variations to modify, intensify, or challenge the body by altering the pace or duration of the poses, and the frequency that they are repeated. These classes are a wonderful addition to your Hot Yoga practice. Our All Levels Vinyasa classes have music and the room is warmed to 90-95 degrees.


Radiance Yoga Class


Excellent teachers and convenient schedule, diversity of yoga classes to choose from – i tried two different types and i love both, great studio (from design to maintenance), great and customer oriented approach, nice atmosphere, wise management. ~ olgab, Jacksonville

Beautiful studio and great energy from instructors! ~ cherylt, Jacksonville

Beautiful studio, great staff, and a wonderful atmosphere to build and maintain a yoga practice! ~ matta, JACKSONVILLE

It was a wonderful experience. The studio was very clean and spacious, with great changing facilities, friendly staff and great ambiance. The instructor was full of energy and in tune with everybody in the class guiding through the poses, as well as encouraging everyone to reach for the maximum potential.
Overall, I highly recommend Radiance Yoga as a place that can help anyone to reach his/her goal fitness, while making friends and enjoying the yoga community in Jacksonville. Namaste! ~ humbertoc, Fleming Island